An Institution, undermined…

I don’t know about you, but in the wake of this weeks events I can’t wait for the first interview with a pair of heterosexuals where one one says “Well, we were going to get married but it just seemed too, you know, gay.”


  1. irony is boring though!! it is obvious. irony is a sitcom on the WB.
    the show nayland curated last summer was great i thought, the ad in artforum for this last show was pretty cool, arrived at the gallery on the last day & serverly disapointed. god. nothing good at all. the stitches, maybe. not here to kiss ass. been stalking nayland blake for awhile. oh, was disapointed in your music taste too. sigh.
    i like your old bunny drawings man!! what else do i like —— i want to do a live journal! i’ll let it be said in my very own live journal — i use this thread as a forum, i need your support.
    hungry for vegetables but there are none fresh in this horrible part of brooklyn. i lift weights & drink soy milk & never trim my beard.
    OK!@ Let’s go!!

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