Nobody likes… the way I hold my mike…

bearbait just mentioned the songs that have hooked him in recent days and I figure I should mention the one song I’ve loved ever since it first came out and wish that I could force everyone I know to listen to RIGHT NOW.

It’s Jesse Johnson’s Free World.

If you don’t own this, you should. Derided for being a Prince wannabe, former Time guitarist Johnson fired back in 1985 with the best song ever about how hard it is to be . . . a Prince wannabe. The kicker is that it’s the best Prince song Prince never wrote, with a nervous, “Erotic City” inspired bass line, slap happy drum synths, and Jesse barking “Bahbahbahbad MOUTH!”

The thing to get is the seven minute version, available on Mr J’s greatest hits package.


  1. i’m listening to it right now. any song that starts off like this one does is wonderful in my book. šŸ™‚

    every once in a while you just want some funky-ass cheese-laden … funk.

    thanks for making me bouncy.

  2. Dammitt…gonna have to wait til I get back from Liverpool to download this one.

    Seen any of the recent Prince TV appearances? He’s gone…all Vegas, I guess would be the best description. Has a new video on MTV 2, which is all about “old school” R & B. Sadly, this means he’s still not fronting anything really exciting or inspired.

    Thanks again for introducing me to “Let’s Stick Together”. So timely in its sentiment!

  3. “Is the water warm enough?” “Yes, Lisa…”

    Something just occurred to me:

    In his new video, Prince (and nameless band, where’s Wendy and Lisa?) have basically morphed into The Time, circa Purple Rain. Desperate to please in their arrogance, bad suits, syncronous dancing. Scary…the circle is complete!

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