Back in the saddle …

…sort of.

In retrospect I can see that I was coming on to the flu starting around Wednesday night. I went to the GMSMA force feeding demo with badfaggot, thornyc and rogueboi but while there I had a hard time concentrating. I made it through work on Thursday, but by the evening I was feeling pretty badly. Luckily waltzingtree, provided some healthcare and by the morning I felt well enough to go to therapy. THat was about the extent of it though: I made an abortive attempt to get to work, and then had to beat it back home, where I was a mess until this afternoon. Just pulling it together now, and should soon be answering questions again like old times.


  1. Good to hear, I hope Alien Apocalyspe was a part of your recovery regimen!

    Pictures received, with hearty thanks. I’ll be “doing” you and dear Matt tomorrow…

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