1. It’s because we’ve all been listening to Elton John, David Bowie and the other various glam rockers for a while now. You can go through the album and pick out who they stole from…already been done.

  2. Give yourself another week to get over the extreme disappointment. Salivate over the picture of Babydaddy. Play “Better Luck Next Time” and realize the twangy guitar interludes are in fact cribbed from the Muppet Movie. Consider the idea that “Take Your Mama Out” is the new “Freedom ’90”. See John Cameron Mitchell’s video for “Filthy/Gorgeous”. Spend some more drool on Babydaddy…

    I’ve admitted they aren’t the most profound musical discovery of the past decade, but they are durned fun and effortlessly charming. I’m hooked.

  3. They have some “sucky” songs, and they some excellent songs like “Return to Oz”. The album took a while to grow on me, but there are some elements of genius in there.

  4. It’s the new toaster oven…

    I like their remixes and collaborations with other acts more than their actual LP. I still enjoy it, but the tunes feel very “assembled”, like someone building LEGO with GarageBand. Their live act manages to transcend that, I must say.

  5. suckass

    hey Nayland –
    It’s because they fucking suck.
    The baby daddy dude is kinda cute, but their music sucks and not in the good way.
    Elton John was fake glam to begin with, and I can only take so much BeeGees…
    maybe one just needs some “tina” and poppers…
    hope to see you soon

  6. You know how somone builds something out of parts of other things, and once in a while it becomes something new?
    That’s what I hear in the energy of their music. It’s retro, but there’s something else there.
    I’ll follow them for a while.

  7. give it time

    Because it takes awhile for the “Return to Oz” addiction to seep in. But it will, oh, it will.

    And Elton John and Bowie never sang about “Tina!”

  8. I’m with you. Doesn’t grab me, not one bit. Their collaboration with Kylie “I Believe in You,” while also derivative (OMD “Forever Live and Die”), is great.

    Are you, like me, resistant to pop cultural phenomenon (mass, kweer or otherwise)? The more something’s hyped, the more impossible it becomes for me to get into the groove. Only the Harry Potter books in the last decade have trumped my inner-biatch.

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