Pack it up…

Tonight is the last night of my month of housesitting in Tivoli. How did it go? In most respects beautifully. Got thirty drawings done, and two scuptures (one a small thank you present for my host). I didn’t burn the house down by accident or get biten by some evil tick. I read five books, but failed to stay abreast of LJ. I didn’t get any of the writing done that I was hoping to do.

Most of all I canme to realize that it’s time for me to look at the next ten years of my life and what I want them to be like. The sensation of waking up in the moring and heading into the studio has spoiled me for my current New York patterns. I need to put art making back at the center of my life.

And now the problem of how to deal with the stuff that has accumulated up here: the supplies I’ve brought up, the work I’ve made, the clothes, the books I’ve purchased. Tomorrow I’m getting a ride down, which will end in me handing out pamphlets along the pride march route. SO how WIll I deal with all the crap I want to bring back?


  1. Tomorrow I’m getting a ride down,
    cogitating on your dilemma, I think the whole thing turns on the nature of who is giving you the ride down…
    Someone who loves you: when you get to place of the pamphlet passing out, you’ve already told him your problem, he says “no prob! I’ll take your stuff home for you” and surely a big hug and kiss is in order as you exit the car.
    OR Someone you don’t really give-a-ratsass about: when you get to place of the pamphlet passing out, say in a loud and firm voice “I GOTTA GET OUT HERE AND PASS OUT PAMPHLETS. TAKE MY SHIT ON TO MY PLACE, OKAY?”
    for best effect, make this happen in heavy, stalled traffic and with the door already ajar so he never knows what hit him.
    Might be a bit of a risk for a month’s worth of drawings, but all I could come up with on short notice.
    Good luck!
    (oh! and any resemblance of this plan and anything that’s ever happened between me and my-daughter-the-artist over the years, is entirely coincidental)

  2. Try and see that all the new stuff for your place gets put away properly in a prompt and timely manner. Don’t be like me and allow the clutter to become the rule, rather than the exception.

  3. Thoughtful response indeed. Luckily, the friends driving me down stopped next to my office where I was able to unload most of the junk, leaving me free to be their pack horse for the rest of the march.

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