Why I left fandom…


Keep scrolling down – it started out all hunky-dory and then I started to get that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach….


  1. *heh*

    Why do you think one episode of Crusade had a pack of huge jellyfish-like hyperspace-dwelling life forms known as … the Fen? đŸ˜‰

    “They’re barely sentient. They’re attracted to bright, shiny objects, but they lose interest quickly.” — Galen, about the Fen.

  2. Except this article had a genuine purpose. It assembled actual quotes from famous chefs and put them together in a way that was entertaining and educational.

    Say what you will about the color of blanched vegetables. It’s a lot more than fantasy gone awry. Not eating vegetables is a major factor in American public health, and people don’t eat vegetables because they don’t know how to make them taste good. For that reason alone I take the question of blanching with some seriousness.

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