1. I think there ought to be support group sfor those of us who verge on OCD to try the latest gadget or who compulsively upgrade just because it’s available…

  2. you know, I did that too today…
    was going to ask you to tell me why?
    why you did
    why I did…
    but then auxgen has explained it…
    but could you possibly give me an answer
    I would like better?
    {foolish smirk}

  3. Since this post is not locked (restricted to friends only) when putting an e-mail address in a public forum, you should ALWAYS alter it (most importantly, the @ sign, which is hardly ever used in any other context), such as:

    name (at) domain (dot) com



    …to prevent address-collecting bots from collecting YOUR address. You should edit/correct this post as soon as possible.

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