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“Wants to establish himself and make an impact desp…”

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Your Friend’s Existing Situation

Attracted by anything new, modern, or intriguing. Liable to the bored by the humdrum, the ordinary, or the traditional.

Your Friend’s Stress Sources

Sensitive, and susceptible to gentleness and delicacy of feeling, with a desire to blend into some sort of mystic fusion of erotic harmony. However, this desire remains unsatisfied due to the lack of a suitable partner or adverse conditions, and he keeps a strict and watchful control on his emotional relationships as he needs to know precisely where he stands. Is fastidious, esthetic, and has a cultured taste which allows him to form and express his own taste and judgment, especially in the fields of art and artistic creativity. Strives to ally with others who can assist him in his intellectual or artistic growth.

Your Friend’s Restrained Characteristics

Feels cut off and unhappy because of the difficulty in achieving the essential degree of cooperation and harmony which he desires.
Feels that things stand in his way, that circumstances are forcing him to compromise and forgo some pleasures for the time being.

Your Friend’s Desired Objective

Wants to establish himself and make an impact despite unfavorable circumstances and a general lack of appreciation.

Your Friend’s Actual Problem

Works to strengthen his position and bolster his self-esteem by examining his own accomplishments (and those of others) with critical appraisal and scientific discrimination. Insists on having things clear-cut and unequivocal.

Your Friend’s Actual Problem #2

Needs to be valued and respected as an exceptional individual, in order to increase his self-esteem and his feeling of personal worth. Resists mediocrity and sets himself high standards.


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