Flexibility is the key….

So we screwed up seeing Grizzly Man last night and had to take shelter from the Chelsea rain in a coffee shop to come up with plan “b”. That turned out to be Roman Polanski’s Oliver Twist, which satisfied me on a number of counts: lots of art direction (although the horse shit on the streets of london was much more decorative than historically accurate), no real attempt to resolve the the tory into an image of the nuclear family, and an Oliver who is played as a kind of chipher, with little or no agency, and who could really be regarded as a figure of doom for most of the other characters.

A former student was working handing out audience response surveys in the lobby before and after. And we chatted back and forth a little.

At the coffee shop I made the mistake of ordering pork chops which took too long and still were undercooked.


  1. I happen to be a big fan of decorative uses of horseshit.

    My movie with Matt/ was much worse, though: a stinker called Jill the Ripper with Dolph Lundgren (not in the title role). One of the most inept movies I’ve had to sit through in ages — we kept thinking they must have cut out every other scene it was so hard to follow. Probably the most s/m content, though, of any non-porn movie. After dinner we looked Dolph up on IMDb.com and was surprised to learn he’s much smarter than you or I, except for his decision to pursue an acting career. Our dinner of salad, pepperoni pizza, fried chicken, garlic-herb roast potatoes, and chocolate ice cream rocked, though.

  2. I’ll see your Dolph and raise you one Casper Van Dien

    Jill the Ripper could not have been any worse than Dracula 3000 (Tagline: In Space, the Sun Never Rises), which I watched on cable while home with a sinus infection and while grading student papers. I’d hoped that Udo Kier and Coolie doing vampires would make for an amusing film, but that was not the case.

  3. Don’t they have an exhibit of decorative horseshit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art? Sorry, I was thinking about that story a few years ago, when, then Mayor Gulliani, came out against, that “Virgin Mary” in elephant dung.

  4. Lightly spaced in clumps. 19 century city streets were usually 4 to 8 inches deep in muck, human as well as animal, even when cobbled. One way that urchins made a living was by clearing paths through the crap for the gentry.

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