It doesn’t really work…

I responded to yesterday’s craving today by eating a baloney sandwich. The first I’ve had in some seven years. It was every thing I thought it would be, but the problem is that even that still wasn’t very much.


  1. way in which we are similar:
    i had an unnatural craving for a baloney sandwich with beer this week (i normally consume neither baloney nor beer) and purchased oscar meyer for the first time in my adult life. i made a sandwich and, as you found, it was neither nourishing nor fulfilling.
    way in which we are dissimilar:
    when homotized by street meat i always yielded to the impulse and fell into hunter-seeker mode lest i never glimpse that curve of thigh or musical ass again. for me, the taste of regret was even less satisfying than baloney.

  2. No- I was jonesing for a baloney sandwich yesterday, but I dind’t get one. then today when I went out to lunch I remembered yesterday’s craving and got the baloney.

    Toronto and the ultro hot one are both today’s cravings.

  3. You didn’t think much of it?! That’s baloney! heehee… sorry, I couldn’t resist!

    I actually LOVE baloney (or as Oscar Meyer spells is “bologna”) and if I’m having it, I try to get it really piled on high with very thin slices. YUMMY!!

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