Made to eat my words, yet again….

A while ago here I was railing about being asked to contribute art to fundraisers. Currently, the fates have been delighting in taking whatever I complain about and shoving it in my face and making me like it. So now I get to tell you about how happy I am that I’m being asked to participate in the following:

The Munny Show

I love vinyl toys, love going into kid robot and have always pouted internally when I’ve seen an event like this organized: “Why don’t I ever get asked to do fun stuff like this?”

So now I have been asked. A blank Munny is winging it’s way here for me to decorate. Proceeds from the sale go to Katrina Relief.

So that’s what I get for crabbing.


  1. wow, congratulations,very fucking cool
    my Kaws companions, Kozik bunnies and Seen monsters sit proudly on my desk – I love that knd of stuff
    you have to share it with us
    and the action figure will be great
    in fact, a whole series of action figures…all with beards really should be brought out…

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