Meet Lehigh:

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She’s a two year old boston terrier, who is going to be staying with me for the next week, and maybe permanently, if things work out. I’m as nervous as a little schoolgirl!


  1. I LOVE boston terriers!! You are so lucky. I will keep my fingers crossed that this is the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship. Please pat her for me.

  2. Nayland, she’s gorgeous! i hope you fall in love with each other. boston terriers are such wonderful dogs and they are not big allergen producers. act naturally, i’m sure she’s as nervous as you are, lol.

  3. I hope that’s terrier-proof glass, for Pogo, Beauregard, and Albert’s sakes…

    Your priceless (and bite-sized) comic strip collectibles in the background are looking justifiably terrified.

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