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Last night was one of those events ( a dinner for out of town friends) that is becoming increasingly common in my life: a gathering where ninty percent of the participants were on LJ. I can only guess that I’m the first one to blog about it becuase everyone else is dreading having to type the lj-user tag so many times.

This is my third year here and I have to wonder what it means that so many of the people in my life now are also on here. This development is also coupled with what seems to me to be a decline in the amount of contact I have with frineds who aren’t on LJ. Is this just perceived or is it really happening? Certinaly the majority of my email has become journal derived.

So guys, what did you all do for the rest of the evening?


  1. We went Nowhere. tried to get me to talk to Stephen Merritt about the article I wrote about him until I reminded Thor that S. M. hadn’t been too enthusiastic about its being written in the first place. Then we went home. and I walked to Grand Central. We then took the train to Queens and drove me home. We sat in the car talking for a long time, like ya do. It was good.

    I have been working on reintegrating the non-LJ people into my life and into the lives of my LJ friends. It’s slow work, but it’s coming along.

  2. LJ has become the way I know how the people I know are doing. Due to the fact that all of my friends are spread out across the country it’s the easiest way. Do I have friends that are not on LJ? Not really. A small number. It might be due to the fact that most of my friends are tech geeks as well.

    The down side is that when people don’t write on LJ for awhile or do nothing but post memes and the like I don’t get a sense of how they are really doing.
    In some cases even when I attempt to write them an email it goes unanswered and I become worried about them. I have a small pen of friends where this is the case.

    Anyway. I do want to try speaking to some of my non LJ friends more but to be honest. It’s an email sort of the same thing?
    The art of the written letter is truly lost. 🙁

  3. i’m the exact same way. in fact i’ve met some of the greatest people in my life today through lj. weird for a guy who use to scoff at those who spent all their time chatting online. i think sociologically it’s just replaced the phone. often gay men, women and teens would catch up on an almost daily basis using the telephone…then email…now blogs

    evolution i guess

    here endith the babble

  4. I’ve met some great people on LJ, some of whom happen to live in the same city. It’s a way of keeping up and doesn’t negate occasional face-to-face or electronic human contact.

    Top of my downside list: LJ peeps who get pissy when you don’t mention them in your journal. It’s my journal, dammit, and I’ll name-drop who I want.

  5. I got to talk to Stephin Merritt for a while at Runt Night at Nowhere. He’s busy putting together four new CDs of his opera collaborations with Chen Shi-Zheng, but the one I was excited hearing about is another CD which will collect all the songs he’s written for the Lemony Snicket books on tape CD, many of them rerecorded just for this CD.

    Woo hoo! The bar also as a pinball machine — not very well maintained, but still, they’re fast disappearing from everywhere (remember when Times Square had three arcades?). I played with Christopher/ and Steven/, and of course I got the highest score.

    The bar also has an excellent selection of beers on tap.

    However, Runt Night was surprisingly short on shorties, and the bar also reminded me of what I don’t like about bars: it got crowded and people were rude, the bartenders were understaffed and overworked, it was too dark and the music was too loud. Most everyone left after one beer, but then, we had already spent two and a half hours enjoying each other’s company at dinner, so that was OK.

    I like how LJ enhances my social life and vice versa. I enjoy these occasional LJ gatherings, although I think I prefer smaller gatherings of friends and one-on-one more.

    How delightful that you were able to join us, and that I got to caress your massive thigh during dinner.

  6. i like nowhere, when we were in nyc in july we went with my friend andy from ps122. didn’t see mr. merritt, but i’d like to. i would tell him “how did you write such a great song as ‘san diego zoo’?”
    like how i’ve foisted myself into your conversation? can’t help it. i like nayland’s work.

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