Be Appreciative…

thornyc turned me on to design_observer, the daily feed that looks at various web happenings in the design world. Today their top item is this link:

I imagine that it will become the basis for many many user icons.

So thank you thor!

And now some bored photoshopping has resulted in this:

Image hosted by

rough, but there you have it

Thanks again Thor!


  1. Don Holliday was the pen name for Victor Banos(?), who was the property manager at Casa Sanchez Apartments for many years. I was one of his tenants, and told me about his career in the 1960s of writing those books, and how he didn’t make much money off of them. Since the publisher was out of business, he was reclaiming the copyright and planned on doing some sort of anthology in his retirement, or somesuch. He actually engaged me in some proofreading and minor editing of the ones that he was able to re-type.

  2. Only 2 questions

    1. Where’s my personal favorite, Gay Safari by Marcus Miller?
    2. Why does that site put a little Republican elephant on the URL line?

    But, for the most part, there goes my Wednesday! Thanks!

  3. OK, that was priceless. So many of the covers made it look like a mad scientist had cloned Paul Lynde and created a scary, gay master race bent on world domination. This one in particular.

    An unhealthy dose of self-loathing permeates a lot of these. This one and this one for example. Oh sure, we can laugh at it now.

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