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earthmonkey69 asks:

Your exterior seems to be much more gruff than your interior.

a) What is it, if anything, that appeals to you about this duality?
b) Is it intentional?

For many years I was saw myself as baby faced and was complimented on it and for some reason it always rankled. At the same time I felt attracted to older more solid people. So yes, these days I cultivate a more rugged look. but I’m often unaware of the effect I have visually. I’ve had people describe me as “scary”, which shocks me. Part of it is my height and now my girth. As an artist, I find it helpful to have a bit of social armor, mainly because I’m quite shy in social situations where I don’t know many people. It’s a bit of a liability in situations like fundraising, where people can feel that I’m not approachable. I think people do experience me in a different way once they get to know me. And yes, I guess that is intentional.

Thanks for the question!

March is question month: ask me what you will and I’ll post replies.

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