The sun is slow in comning up. I’ve taken to shifting my sleeping pattern, meaning that I now get up at 5:45. So that in combination with daylight savings time means darkness when I wake. Getting up this early also means that I’m just about ready to collapse by 10:30 at night. Help me, I’m turning into my mother.

Yesterday evening badfaggot got his birthday present: a trip to the workshop of David Samuel Menkes who is a self confessed lj lurker and a bundle of hotness. The visit turned into a trip down memory lane with the arrival of thornyc as we all attempted to identify the lineage of a banner that Matt had brought with him. David hauled down books of photos and we were finally treated to the image of Thor holding the banner in front of the Washington monument at the second march on Washington. I was running around there at that time too, as part of a San Francisco contingent. I remember roving around Dupont circle the night before the march while cars blared “supermodel”; a remix that just seemed to be RuPaul barking WORK! WORK WORK! over and over. Weird to think of how many people now in my life were crossing my path years before.

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