From London. Sitting in the office at the gallery, a dazed mess of two hours sleep. The trip is too short for proper jetlag processing. Came over on Airindia, and checked in so late that I ended up with a middle seat. Seven hours sandwiched between two young women, so there was only doze, no real sleep. As a consequence, while I’m having lots of ideas right now, none of them are good. Like my idea about which direction to turn on the street – inevitably wrong, so I get lost. And my idea to plug in my laptop, by unplugging the power strip that coincidentally was powering the wifi router and then wondering why I couldn’t locate the network? Also not so good.

Hopefully I can hold out on sleep until a reasonable hour, or else it’ll be two more days of babbling.

This is also the maiden voyage of the eeepc as the sole compjuter and it’s performing admirably. Thank you Asus!

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