On line to vote…

Been here about forty minutes already, people are excited and beautiful in their enthusiasm.

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*Update*: Took me an hour and a half to get up to the front of the line and finally flip the levers on NYC’s “one arm Bandit” machine. Throughout people were eager to vote, but very solicitous towards each other, so for all of the anticipation, there was little or no antipathy. My neighborhood is overwhelmingly Caribbean, and my polling place was Jackie Robinson Middle School, a scant block away from the old Ebbets Field, so people were drawing a lot of connections with the historic nature of the election. I’ve never seen this kind of turnout for any other election I’ve voted in, and I’ve been voting since 1978. It’s also an event distinguished by the sort of generous spirit that I’ve only seen New Yorkers display in crises like blackouts.

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