I’ve been around here for 49 years.

I have to say that the past few years have proved to be among the most surprising in all of my life.

As I noted last week, despite occasional gripes, I am one lucky duck. People talk about who they were in their past lives. Even if I believed in reincarnation, I really don’t have any curiosity about other existences, because this one is just too good.

I’ve gotten to do so many of the things, big and small that I hoped to. And I get to be in touch, through this medium, with so many thoughtful, questing minds. I wouldn’t want to be alive any other time.

If you can read this, know that I value knowing you. Have a great day.

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As of five minutes ago I entered my 47th year on this planet. This past year has been one of truly delicious surprises and on going mending. Sometimes you have to deal with your shit because an authority figure stomps on your head until you do. Sometimes it’s a friend who instead of giving up on you gives you a much needed slap. Sometimes a long process of archeology begins to pay off.

Those of you I hurt this year, I’m sorry to have done so. Those of you I came up short for, I hope to have the chance to do better.

This was a great year personally, but a tough one professionally. It’s only recently been coming home to me how out of phase I’ve become with my professional life, and my biggest hope for the coming year is to be able to change that.

But mostly I’m just very grateful.

And I can only look at that picture up above and say: What the Fuck happened? and I can only hope that I keeps happening.