It’s been something like four years now and there is still ongoing construction across the street from my workplace at “1 Bryant Park” An utterly fabricated address that houses the new Bank of America behemoth. Things are certainly better now with the construction than they were a couple of years ago (imagine working below the surface of the street while fifty yards away pile drivers pound the uprights for a 54 story tower into Manhattan’s bedrock all day long for months.) One of the ongoing benefits is the continuing presence of bundles of yum like the guy above. While is is not quite up to the standard of this fine fellow, who seems unfortunately to have moved on to other employment, he is still firmly in the don’t-bother-to-wrap-him-I’ll-eat-him-here category. Watching him wrestle a scissor lift off of the back of a tractor trailer with his crew was a joy to behold.

Speaking of objectification, what fuck is the deal with the new Schick Quattro ad where potted topiary adjacent to various women magically reshapes itself into perfect demure triangles and even a little Brazilian. Message being: trim yer bush, ladies. Am I wrong for being somehow ashamed by this? Where else on broadcast television is pubic shaping referenced? What if one of the models walked by an evergreen and just lopped all the leaves off?