In my dream it’s day four locked inside the apartment and information is scarce. When the cars reverse direction up the street we can’t tell what they are running from. I’m pissing into a box, carefully. We never get the food we want.

In my dream when I arrive at the top floor every surface is covered in undulating tiles of marble: it’s now a hospital for the remaining aged members of this blindingly wealthy family. They gasp and plod among the doctors and lights. I’m leaving and how will I find the things I had stashed earlier?

In my dream when I put on the black cotton cassock and kiss his feet as he walks, it’s kind of a joke and also kind of a fetish thing.

In my dream the fight starts bitter and ends as an inconclusive tussle: stuff is strewn around, people are winded. Later the art we made about each other is laid out on painted plinths.

In my dream Bill is the reason I’m at Litter Box the drag club, running into exes and deciding I had better go when he shoves a box of stuff into the dressing room for the SECOND time which means that the dogs start barking and we have to run for it again along the street, gasping, “You asshole!”