Back in Black

So it’s a week later, and I’m back from London. Washed ashore back in NYC. The jet lag is not quite cleared up. It’s 10pm now and in London it’s 3 am, much later than I stayed up any night I was there. So I’m woozy, and while I want to write about it all, I doubt that I can. The high points? All of the work coming together. Seeing drawings I hadn’t seen in two years or so. Feeling very very supported. A London fling. Finding (being taken to) Fox’s tobacco with it’s back room museum,that had a cigar in the shape of a pipe. There’s more, much but now? I don’t know. Note – first day without alchohol for a week.


  1. connotations

    Aren’t the flings there supposed to be in Highland?

    And what got you harder — “back room,” or “museum”?

    Welcome back,

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