There is something wrong…

…. with being too sick to get out of bed all day Sunday, and then being well enough to come back into work on Monday. What kind of sap am I? If I had any kind of chops as a goldbricker I would have just called in sick and taken care of all the household stuff I missed yesterday beacuse of the fever/coughing crappiness, plus the headaches (I couldn’t tell if they were due to illness or caffeine withdrawal).

So house remains a shambles, calls didn’t get returned and worst, I missed out on poker with .

Latest crush: The garbage man at the Times Square Q stop. Usually around 10 am he’s working emptying the front bins: mid thirties I’d say, around six feet full, and sort of scruffy chesnut beard, glasses, nice and pudgy. He dresses in such funky MTA work gear that I’ve wondered if he wasn’t a scavenger who just latched on to the uniform, but he’s got a broom and dustpan so I guess he’s legit.


  1. We had a great time at poker. Newcomer Lew won the Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament, and Tony went out of his way to come up with some of his craziest poker variations ever — including one where you earned wild cards by answering trivia questions from a deck of Trivial Pursuit cards. I may have lost the hand, but now I know the capital of Madagascar!* Who said gambling wasn’t educational? So now your Hail Satan and You’ll Poke Your Eye Out variations are no longer the wildest. We were also playing with the decks I bought in Texas where the Jacks and Kings are all cowboys holding revolvers, rifles, branding irons, or saddles, so we played Six Shooters wild, too. Our friend Jeff was the big wiener of “regular” poker. But if you weren’t feeling well, all the cigar smoke wouldn’t have helped. We’ll be holding another cigars & poker party in December, maybe you can join us for that one.

    *It’s Antananarivo. Now you know, too.

  2. Hello

    I saw a guy working up the street today on the way home and circled around the block to take a second look. It was worth it. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I added you on my friend’s list, something I should have done long time ago (thank to Chris Komater for letting me know about you being involved with visual art like myself).

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