….Why does that trucker cap cost $50.00?

A.) Lawyers and idiots…

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  1. theotherqpc

    “Everything cool gets packaged and sold to somebody,” Cassel said. “If I make some money out of it, and his daughters make some money out of it, I think that’s the American way. If somebody does that to me after I die, I’d be honored.”

    gee, why do i want to side with the friends/followers of the *real* Von Dutch, who acknowledge he was a crazed neo-Nazi, rather than those who blindly follow fashion trends?

  2. dirtyglamour

    Excellent, now I have new ammunition for my friends that wear Von Dutch. I used to hate those particular trucker caps just because it didn’t make sense to me to pay big money for a hat that made me look like white trash anyway.

  3. bearbait

    Re: Look at my user photo…

    I was deeply effected by our little hat shopping spree those few years ago, Nayland, and just produced a trucker hat installation that, as usual, I’ve been incredibly slow in documenting and posting. Been meaning to do it for a while…I just have to figure out how to put pictures on this thing…

    Anyway, look for it over the next few days, because it kind of deals with how ridiculous the whole phenomenon has become.

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