More things to covet…

Some more images from the tribal art fair:

title or description

African bridal hat

title or description

Crown from Borneo

title or description

Human Hair hat from east Africa

title or description

Jaguar Jug circa 300BC

Mostly these things caught me because of their shapes and the quirks of their manufacture.


  1. Ahhhh. What a way to start off a nice, long, Memorial Day weekend. Are these additional pics from your Mother’s Day trip, or did you go back?

    The bridal hat has a special fabulousness all its own, but I have to admit my eye is drawn to the Jaguar Jug at the bottom. Do you remember if there were notes about how it was used?

    I don’t have a great deal of experience with ceramics – most of what I know is from a slight background in Japanese Tea Ceremony – but one of the things I enjoy most is the combination of visual aesthetic with tactile components. So much of traditional ceramic art just begs to be picked up, touched, stroked and caressed, and of course the jug above is a wonderful example of that. I can just imagine the original users picking this piece up, running their hands over it, feeling the contrast between the figures on the front, the large, bulbous shapes in the back and the smooth coolness of the neck.

    Not that I would feel comfortable picking up a piece of pottery from 300 BC, but a guy can fantasize, right?

  2. My first reaction to your user pic on this was the photo of Dali, where he’s looking slightly upward, wide-eyed, his waxed mustaches swooping out and around.

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