1. How interesting! I really enjoyed those books, even if they were racist. I still enjoy the later ones about Sumuru, the female world dominating nemesis. He deliberately described her as “of no identifiable race” so as to try avoid the brou-(or should it be FU-)ha-ha of the previous series.

  2. Oh, don’t bother. When I read them I was around 15, and very bored living in suburban Maryland.

    I remember a “slash” sketch that suggested that the real reason why Fu and Nayland pursued one another so relentlessly was that they were really in love with one another. In the later novels, Fu keeps trying to kidnap Nayland. He is supposed to admire the English bloke’s brain but you have to wonder whether he really wanted to ship him off to his seraglio, gunmetal grey eyes and all.

  3. Nayland, I have never been a fan of long/longer hair on men…so what the hell is happening to me? You, Peter, . I’m all twitterpated.

    I have often wondered what I’d look like with shoulder-length hair because I’ve been getting flattops/razor cuts/burrs for the last 18 years, I just don’t have the patience for it.

  4. I’ve actually only read a couple (early ones) and was so put off by the “yellow peril” that they became a low priority for me. You make me want to re-examine them.

  5. objectification

    I definitely see the resemblance to clarkelane now. I have to say, though I prefer the look of shorter hair, longer hair is much sexier for running your hands through….and grabbing.

  6. Re: Boswell?

    I always thought it strange that Doc Johnson should also provide a line of marital aids.

    Even stranger, that Ben Affleck is related to Boswell.

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