… is the universe trying to tell me? It just dawned on me that for the second time in my life I am living with six blocks of a municipal arboretum. For nine of my twelve years in San Francisco I lived at McAllister and Arguello. Now I am a quick sprint from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. And yet I barely ever enter it. Perhaps it’s the irksome bonsais in the greenhouse (their ages are marked on little signs stuck into their pots and it pisses me off to see some puny maple that’s been around longer than the US). Is it wrong for me to shun the parks? Is fate gently nudging me in the direction of more chlorophyll-producing beings?


  1. Actually it was your post about this weekend that got me thinking about this. I did go to the SF one a bit, often because of what a good place it is to bring out of town friends.

  2. I really like the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. My family used to go there every Easter, kind of a tradition thing… More recenty I used to go every weekend and feed the ducks and the fish in the Japanese garden. When I had my old digital camera, I took some great close-up shots of the flowers and etc. If you don’t like looking at the bonsai trees, I’m sure there’s something else there you can enjoy.

  3. OK, nature-boy —

    Maybe it has something to do with the ivy you have TATTOOED up and down your arm and shoulder. Maybe it has something to do with your forest-green Constellation work, which to me always looked very much like a beanstalk. Maybe it’s because bunnies like gardens and forests? Or maybe it’s just because you subconsciously crave more oxygen.

    I suspect you like parks and gardens — thus the proximity — but just dislike crowds of people — thus the reluctance to go. Go, but talk to the staff and find out when they are least busy. And then go back then — with your irregular schedule, that should be possible. If it’s close enough, treat it like your own backyard: buy a membership so you can enter at any time — even for short periods, to sit for 20, 30, 60 minutes while you read a chapter or write a note.

    My favorite time to visit outdoor gardens is after a healthy rain. The wet earth smells incredible in the clean air, and on a bright but overcast day, the leaves and plants virtually glow.

  4. Gosh, and aren’t you home on certain weekdays? That’s an ideal time to visit the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, as everyone goes there on the weekends. Go while the cherry blossoms are still on the trees – it’s a great show!

  5. I can so see u frolicing in the Green being all satyrish. 😛

    A return to the Green is always a good thing handsome. It’s a good way of recharging and re-centering yourself. Just set a little time aside for such jaunts… either once a week or once a month…

    Also, I would take the hint – Gods know what other less subtle hints The Universe would have in store for you…

  6. Actually it was your post about this weekend that got me thinking about this. I did go to the SF one a bit, often because of what a good place it is to bring out of town friends.

  7. You brought back a good memory today. Of course, I liked and visited the arboretum but, it was Arguello that perked my eyes. I was learning Spanish with some Central American friends and they said if I really wanted to learn Spanish, no mas inglés! We were driving somewhere and I asked if they were going on Arguello as if I had never spoke a Spanish word in my life. Everybody turned and looked at me asking, “Qué dice?” It was so funny. Actually, for me thinking in Spanish is the best way to remember to use it at all times so as to not slip up. :-))

  8. It’s funny you should mention it, as I was at the botanical garden in Golden Gate Park just this Saturday with a gaggle of friends. (‘s birthday meal had just concluded and we were walking it off)

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