And now…

…. one more thing you can worry about happening to you after you die:


  1. At some point, in private if need be, you must reveal to me your secret for unearthing such ebay jems. How does one just stumble upon such reasonably priced oddities?

  2. My aunt lived in a haunted house in Cincinnati. I know damn well that ghost wouldn’t go quietly into a jar! I had my own encounter with the ghost before I knew the house was haunted. I was told never go into the basement (wet bar, pool table, record player) alone. I got bored and went down to play some James Brown music. The volume was so low I could barely hear anything other than the needle scratching vinyl when all the glasses on the bar started vibrating. I removed the needle. Everything stopped. I returned the needle and the glasses went at it again. This time it was so loud that I got scared and went upstairs. It was at least a couple years before I was officially told why that happened and, why the front door to the house was open every single morning. I was visiting for a summer, two aunts, and several cousins. No, my cousins didn’t do it, they weren’t there (the girls had gone off to play).

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