Phriday Photo Phun…

Dear Reader,
Can You spot Nayland Blake in this photo, taken in early 1995?

Note to our Aussie brethren: the location is beautiful Canberra.


  1. my police lineup skills need sharpening

    Hard to believe this was taken only nine years ago.

    I had you for the guy on the left, who looks like brothers with the guy next to him.

  2. Plucked chicken…? What I must look like then!

    Handsome as ever, of course, meaty or not! I must say, I would have immediately picked out that surly squint, even if you hadn’t shown me other photos from that time period, before.

    I can really see the resemblance between you and clarkelane in this image, too.

    P.S. The third guy from the left looks a lot like my dad!

  3. I bet you were all hopped up on Ministry and Sisters of Mercy at that time.

    I have baby pictures of me with my little baby beard, it was darker then.

  4. Was that supposed to be hard? 2nd from right obviously.

    Same eyebrows. Same nose. Same photo expression as all the LJ pictures…

    And it’s the only face in the picture that strikes me as handsome. If I’d met you at the time, I’d have been mentally painting the beard on.

    And, of course, perverts wear black leather.

  5. Thor dared me (to which one can’t exactly say ‘no’), and I got it right: second from the right.

    So changed you are not. ‘s right: the jacket helps. Nice boots, too, btw.

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