1. I have the El Cheapoâ„¢ DVD of that right here.

    In fact, Mr. Bug Eyesâ„¢ at the bottom left there is the wallpaper on my computer right now. Seriously. (It was one of many things I found highly amusing about that cheap, cheap film.)

  2. And now you can see the genius that is The Dr. Seuss Bible.

    Personally, I’m thinking of Tony. Where he is, who he’s with, is he thinking of me, and if he’ll ever return someday.

  3. Before they were stars…

    So that’s what the Count was doing before Sesame Street!

    And Jonathan Harris, before Lost in Space.

    … must… see… this… movie…

  4. mmmmmmmmmmm, Bellini…

    Is this a good place to mention that I saw Scott Thompson perform (as Buddy Cole) during the intermission of one of the International Mister Leather contests? (And the next night Lea Delaria performed upstairs at The Gold Coast.)

  5. Re: Before they were stars…

    Nayland tells me Brainiac (a.k.a. The Baron of Terror) was taken on by the Mystery Science Theater 3000 folk (and robots). I’ll keep an eye out for that version.

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