I shouldn’t be writing this…

In fact I should be writing something else. Something that will pay me money. Something that is due today. Something that is not all that hard to write. Except that when your not writing it, everything is impossible to write. And when this is as sophisticated as your thoughts get, then maybe it’s better for you not to be writing.

Oh, and RabbitRabbit

Yesterday I participated on a panel where all of the sculpture faculty tried to provide the rest of the program with some fundamental ideas for speaking about sculpture as a field. It met with mixed success I would say. In the attempt to have a multidiciplinary program (film, video, painting, sculpture, photography,writing, music) the idea is that people need to find a way to develop a common vocabulary, or at least have a conversance with the vocabularies of other fields. Afterward, we adjourned to the local house of our chair to eat sushi, hot dogs and seaweed salad until the fireflies come out. I petted and played with Lily, the six month old miniature poodle, until I became too embarrassed by her naked need for contact and slipped away to blab with the other humans, still aware of her sad black eyes fixed on me while she strained at the leash that tethered her to the fence.

Last night I was talking with Andy Warhol in a dream. Finally I wept, telling him “I’m so sorry that I never got to meet you” I had realized that I was asleep and he was dead. He said something vaguely reassuring and when I woke up I once again felt embarrassed this time for professing something in sleep that I scarcely believe in my waking life.


  1. Visible rabbits, tears spilt over Andy Warhol and the naked needs of miniature poodles – how could this possibly not be what you are meant to do, our illustrious Mr. Blake? In an alternate universe, I eat sushi, hot dogs and seaweed salad with you every evening until the fireflies come out, and weep for the sheer sensual delight of the experience.

  2. good morning

    [bleary ]
    who says that
    where is that from?
    “oh rabbitrabbit”
    reminds me of winne-the-pooh or some such thing…

    what happened today that you haven’t written yet?


    it’s too early right now
    i just thought i’d be checkin in

    maybe you’re still sleepin’…

  3. Re: good morning

    Rabbitrabbit is something I was taught by friends to say as the first thing one said on the first day of every month for luck. It’s rare that I don’t do it.

  4. John and I have started talking about excuses to bop to your coast.

    Of course, by far the most tempting option would be if you have a gallery show or exhibition or some such coming up in the near future.

    Barring that, a Delany reading would also provide substantial motivation, or The Mondrian and Brancusi exhibitions at the Guggenheim through mid-September are another possible excuse – but I suppose if we’re going to make that happen we should get off our asses and make plans before it’s too late!

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