I’m back…

…in the saddle again.
Or perhaps it would be better to say in harness, since I don’t seem to be the one driving this particular buggy.

Bard’s final week was a blizzard of activity that left me almost completely flattened. Then came one delightful day frolicking with the Gold Goat boys, and one delightful day getting a ride home from badfaggot and thornyc and one grueling day reviewing hundreds of photo show applications and now I’m sitting in the good old Aeron chair in my subterranean ICP office.

I don’t even know where to begin in the recounting of all of this, so I’ll just say hi howdy to everyone here for now, and apologize for not being able to even glance at my friends’ page for days and days, much less to respond.

Oh by the way, I’m beginning the process of switching over all my email to naylandblake@earthlink.net , so feel free to make the adjustment (the first time you do this, you will encounter some spam blocking software, but don’t despair, the message has gotten through).


  1. back in the saddle

    For some reason, I thought that your opening line was a reference to a recent success with another topic you wrote about a just little while ago…

  2. Re: back in the saddle

    I refuse to believe that. Do I have to come down there and help line up a few? I could also be present at the time carrying out some other supportive actions if that would help.

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