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Samantha Fox to wed her gay lover

Samantha Fox is to celebrate 20 years of fame by “marrying” her lesbian lover Myra Stratton.

Bisexual Sam, 36 years old and – still 36D bust size – will go through a formal gay ceremony in Hawaii later this year after falling head-over-heels for her divorcee manager.

Just thought you might like to know.

This utterly unfounded assertion is cribbed from the “News of the World” website. So you know it has to be true.


  1. i’m embarrassed to say that I had only a vague recollection as to who Samantha Fox was until I googled. Her site lists “World Famous English Personality” among her credentials. I wonder if she puts that on business cards?

    I’m sure everyone’s saying: “Well, of course I knew all along! Her nickname is ‘Sam’! 🙂

  2. Oh, great, thanks a load, I assumed this was the other Samantha Fox and there’d be a DVD of the wedding night. Hot Damn! I’m gettin’ excited just thinkin’ about it. And I’m at work so’s I can’t do nothin’ about it either. Bummer.

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