Too good…

…to be true.

Just had a browser glitch that actually solved one of my nagging LJ problems. I picked my current journal style because it was so beige and understated (well also because that_dang_otter was using it too). What I didn’t notice, until thornyc pointed it out to me, was the little drawback in the format: that once you scroll down to the bottom of the “friends page” you have to scroll all the way back to the top to navigate further.

For some reason my browser just stuck a second set of links (“back 20 entries”, etc.) at the bottom of my friends page. My firt thought: Oh MY God! Sombody finally fixed this!” Quick scrolling through two additional pages proved that the first impression was a mere will o the wisp, however and so my right index finger will have to do just as much work as ever.

Is there a term for a benign software burp?


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