A number of you…

…have expressed a wish to see more of my work, so I’ve decided to do a small slide show in the next month at my gallery. It won’t be a public affair, just for the people from the gallery, and those who express an interest. Generally when I do these they last about two hours including questions, this may go little longer since the idea is to show as much stuff as possible. If you’ve got an interest, let me know. amd I’ll post the time and location as they get determined.


  1. Me Too, Me Too

    Becoming interested in living and working artists has proved nearly fatal for my interest in my supposed field of art history “Those people have been dead for hundreds of years.”

  2. me please

    Well now, maybe I should reconsider not going to the east coast. I would love to see more of your work.

    (man, this really makes me sound like an arschlikker)

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