A question before parting…

About to step out the door but I thought I’d answer this one from bklyndispatch:

I’ve got a question for you.
I don’t know if this is too simplistic, but I’m curious.

What are you reading?

Not too simplistic.

On my bed with me right now is:

W.H. Auden – Lectures on Shakespeare
The New York Press(this week’s edition)
The Times Literary Supplement(this week’s edition)

In my shoulder bag is:

Milton – Paradise Lost
David Wojnarowicz – Close to the Knives
Howard Singerman – Art Subjects: Making Artists in the American University

A little dry it all looks to me, but the Auden is very meaty and is making me want to read Keirkegaard.

Thanks for asking – the shop’s open all month so please feel free to enquire.


  1. Auden is very meaty and is making me want to read Keirkegaard

    I think I read Kierkegaard at too tender an age.
    His words made me think too much, about too many things, too often.
    Existentialism consumed me as a teenager.

  2. question

    Or sorta two — mostly am interested in the contrast and the possibility the the worst-taken advice might in the end teach one more than good advice…:

    “What was the most constructive/helpful life advice someone told you, whether it was asked of them or not; vice versa, what was the least constructive/helpful advice you took that you thought would be a good idea.”

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