Today’s pompous…


If you don’t own it already you should go and buy Grandmaster Flash’s Scorpio

Once you have secured it you should listen to it repeatedly

currently available on iTunes

Bonus Pronouncement:

For a clear picture of my teenage self, alternate listening to it with listening to Frank Zappa’s Peaches in Regalia, Sun Ra’s Space is the Place and The Cramps’ cover of Surfin’ Bird (actually any version of Surfin’ Bird).


  1. There are many days when I think that if I had one CD to listen to for the rest of my life, it would be the Cramps _Songs The Lord Taught Us_. Because nothing else can make me dance around wildly the way that does.

  2. show no shame !
    I’d also suggest Young MC’s ‘Know How’ for a repeat play experience.

    And the StreetSounds Electro compilation starts with Planet Rock then goes through Al-Naafiysh into Egypt Egypt and Electric Kingdom. Things only get better on CD2 where Hey You The Rock Steady Crew segues into Ollie and Jerry’s There’s No Stopping Us and Whodini’s Magic Wand.

    Break out the Adidas shell toes and the linoleum with the cheesy pattern…

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