Saturday in bed…

The first weekend where I don’t have an obligation to go into the office, or do something else work related for months. I’m in shock. And while I’m watching the silly denoument of Deepstar Six just now, I soon will be turning off the tv and walking out into the sunlight.

There’s a great deal that I haven’t written about and that I feel I should. At least now I’m feeling the pressure slowly lifting.


  1. Ah, Deep Star Six. Was there a worse product of that tiny but noticeable rush of Scary Stuff Happens Underwater films?

    There probably is some Roger Corman atrocity I’m forgetting. But DS6 has the added disadvantage of a cast of cheesy TV actors. I mean, come on! Greg Evigan?

    Sunlight certainly helps in lifting one’s mood, I find.

    Incidentally, love the new photo of you, blocky and distorted though it may be.

  2. Actually there is, since SciFi followed DSS up with Leviathan, an even worse Alien underwater flick. With Peter Weller, Ernie Hudson and Richard Crenna, among others. One plus is that the villaness is a reject from a Robert Palmer video.

    Thanks for the compliment on the pic – what do you think of this one?

    Sunlight is indeed helping.

  3. It’s only fucked up white folks who spend two hours trying to convince you that rascism is bad in a movie.

    Why can’t we all just get along like those flying genius babies?

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