What I meant to say was….

Are you a writer or teacher, dear Aquarius? If you are, you might find that you aren’t quite up to par in what you’re producing today. Your verbal skills seem to be blocked. Perhaps you should concentrate on the visual for now. If you’re a teacher, use a video or prepare a slide show for your students. If you’re a writer, concentrate on charts and illustrations. Save the actual communications for another day. Have fun!

Can you draw pictures for your therapist?


  1. Maybe you can take a comfort toy/bear/doll to your therapist and show where you would like to be touched. …or take two if you need to articulate more complicated interaction. (“spooning with erection” for example)

  2. Wow, I was feeling kind of unable to communicate the way I normally do with my students this morning… I’m an aquarius…

    Luckily we have a concert in a few weeks and the kids know what to practice, so I am just letting them go at it.

  3. Mine drew pictures for me. I think all my issues came down to overlapping pieces of colored felt … .

    But I’m simple, so it worked for me. 🙂

  4. I’ve done better writing in spanish (which I’m fluent in) and french (which I barely speak) today than english.

    Yes, I am an aquarius. Weird.

  5. Use artpad and email him your image. LOL.

    Not only is there less control, but when he sees it, it replays in the same way you created it. He can then see the process. Also, using your nondominant hand would reveal more. I think it’s a perfect shrink thing. Or…I’ve been in therapy too long. 😉

  6. I was gonna say, “You could put on a puppet show for him/her if you like!” but I didn’t want to come off as dismissive.

    I’d say go for it. It sounds like an interesting idea. And they say a picture’s worth a thousand words. I do think it could be psychologically revelatory, and I think your therapist would agree.

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