In a kerfluffle…

I’ve been deep in the studio and in village life for the past two weeks. And here I am now back at work, and so overloaded by happenings that I can’t organize myself enough to formulate a decent post.

I’m also sorry that I missed bearbait‘s birthday and farewell bash with Darren.

Hey You guys – you know I love ya both, right?

Maybe I’ll be able to pull it together a bit later on.


  1. Glad you are back…sort of

    I hope your idyll was fruitful.
    I would like to continue that conversation we started at TES, before I was tied up (cue the snare drum)with other things! Here is my email. please give me some way of getting in touch.

  2. didn’t seem very wary when I met him yesterday.

    Nice new pic. Thanks for calling last night.

    Btw: if you can send me feedback on the encyc article when you get back upstate, I will love you oodles.

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