The bliss of upstate…

Clear warm light. Generous friends. Living in Tivoli again after 27 years. Two studios at my disposal. This is much more than I deserve.


  1. Tivoli Night! Oh, what a sight! All of Copenhagen is danc-ing!
    Laughter and light! Come hold me tight! This is a place for romanc-ing!
    Down by the lake, lovers dream to a song, like they were doing when Grandma was young!
    Tivoli night! Tivoli light! Life is entrancing, when we’re romancing, dancing in Tivoli!

  2. Yay! Not that we are likely to run into you, but welcome to Dutchess County! (Tivoli is a lot prettier than Hopewell Junction)

    If you have never been there before, take a quick trip across to Saugerties and visit Opus 40. It is really hard to describe the place but I think you might really enjoy it. We love taking folks there just to see how they will interact with the place.

  3. Re: Are you the one on the left?

    Harrumph! We love Liza!

    Back in 7th grade I became convinced of one of my classmates queerness (how could I have questioned it – he used to stage manage our lunch hour reenactments of the previous day’s “million dollar movie!”) when he was the only other student to have watched the Liza show on tv the night before. And damnit didn’t the bitch know every goddamn word to “Liza with a Z!”?

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