The new Look….

…or maybe the old one:

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I made it down into town and went to Folsom East. I managed to shoot a few more pictures which I will hopefully post a little later today.


  1. New or old, I’m really digging the new look!


    My God, did I just say that? YOUR HOTNESS HAS DUMBED ME DOWN! DAMN YOU! ☻

  2. Hammana hammana hammana

    Will you marry me and take me away from all of this?

    Okay, will you just take me away from all of this?

    Okay, will you just take me?

  3. I’m glad I got to meet you yesterday. One of the things on my must do list this summer was just that.

    Now I need a chance to meet you and talk about art.


  4. It was great to finally meet you! You were lookin’ very woofy if I may be so cliche. Wish you had caught me before I was exhausted and ready to take off.

  5. I totally spotted you yesterday looking at the exhibits and you looked very recognizable based on your LJ pics. I was with a bunch of friends, so I couldn’t stop. Next time, I’ll just say hi! This pic is a great representation of how you looked yesterday.

  6. Awww shucks!! Was it the big pug-nosed bruiser in the Celtics jersey by any chance? He was by crobar for a good while when I spotted him.

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