Just got off the phone with my dealer in London : everyone he knows there is safe, but he says that the extent of the damage is being underplayed by the media there.

BBC news quoted our president as saying “the war on terror goes on.”

Which I’m sure is of great comfort to the wounded and the surviors. The dead, of course, are beyond comfort.


  1. glad to hear from you – it was much the same after the attacks here: some things came back very rapidly and others unexpectedly fell apart. Given the Blitz and the IRA, Londoners certainly have more experience dealing with this sort of thing than New Yorkers.

  2. It’s seems that COBRA (London’s integrated disaster plan) has kicked in and is working well.

    Friends of mine are still stuck in their workplaces, and wondering if they’ll be able to go home, and then not really sure how they are going to get home without public transport, either.

    Everyone else seems to be horrified – I was worried that Bush is using it to bolster support for Iraq as the supposed wider “war on terror”.

  3. This president and his junta have made it clear that they have neither the need nor wish for support at this point. It seems like right now they are just taking the time to make up their minds as to whether Syria or Iran will be next to taste the delights of liberty. When they do so they’ll move no matter how many people voice their opposition.

  4. Worse still, Nayland. . .

    The assault on domestic liberties and freedoms here under the guise of “Homeland Security.”
    It was bad enough Monday night at the fireworks here in Boston where State Police SWAT teams, all in black, were running around pointing flashlights at empty ground, and hassling apparently innocent concertgoers under some mantle of self-importance,to justify their existence. It looked like something out of the Blues Brothers. I was on the verge of getting in touch with my state senator to complain. Now they’d say they were justified.

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