Was this a New England thing?

I’m just remembering that my family used to heat up danish, particularly Enteman’s and then slather them with butter for breakfast.

Is it any wonder I ended up large?

Did or does anyone else do this?


  1. We did that with the danish but, not as often as one might expect I suppose. None of my immediate family has every had the slightest amount of excessive weight. It must be the genes although, we all ate and, still eat, pretty healthy diets with lots of veggies and balanced with everything on the food charts. I personally never followed the food charts but I liked the idea of balance and have always tried to cook and eat that way. I think it was something about my grandparents and the way they ate as well. Even though we had lots of sweets around we always had a balanced plate of food for most meals. Even today when I cook I think about my grandmother cooking. Both of them could make the BEST apple pies, sweet potato pies, pound cake, peach cobblers (drool) and, cookies, which you could eat after a dinner of meat, chicken, corn (midwestern food), greens, greenbeans, salad, milk (gawd, I hate the taste of milk), whole wheat bread, etc. (not all at the same meal, of course). Both grandparents had gardens too.

    ANYWAY, I finally met Steve Kaplan tonight. He said he knows you. He’s in town for a couple weeks. We saw the Wengechi Mutu show. Super work she makes. 🙂

  2. As a high schooler I worked at the Bedrock McDonalds. We took goey, sweet, sticky danish and speared them on a five-pronged plate on a little machine that then expressed steam from its prongs to warm and moisten the treats.

    About my third breakfast shift, Doris showed my how much better they are if – while they’re steaming – you put a pat of butter on top.

    That was sex on a styrofoam plate, baby.

    My husband butters his danish, too. His parents are from Wakefield, MA.

  3. My father grew up in LA, his parents were from the midwest. He buttered the “sweetrolls” we had for breakfast. Heated them with the butter on top.

    I thought everyone did that.

    From my mother I got cheese toast – good sharp chedder melted in the broiler on good sourdough or on saltines.

  4. Exactly! Especially with Entemann’s. (I grew up in Springfield, MA, and then lived in NH before moving to Seattle 7 years ago).

    Now, I thought it was a French Canadian thing to put butter on everything.

  5. Hey, you can’t spoil kasha with butter!

    Of course I did it – especially with my favorite, the raspberry filled ones. Heat ’em up a little, put on the butter, heat ’em a little more… to borrow a term from a certain Idahoan, Flavorgasm!

    Butter ROCKS, margarine STINKS.

  6. For me, buttered toast, all my life. I refuse to eat margarine. But I also do not like sugar for breakfast–and especially no commercial products, home-made please! (well, my bread is not home-made).

  7. Frome the amount of response I’d say no it wasn’t weird, but it’s something that you never see anyone do today – especially not in public, given our countries current fat obsession.

    It’s so pleasureable though that I’m suprized some municipalities haven’t banned it.

  8. oh yeah, we did this growing up, but then again, I’m from New England. Matter of fact, that sounds pretty good right now…

  9. ours was a danish buttering family. thank you for providing me with the opportunity to come out as a danish butterer. the shame I’ve lived with all these years…

    but really, is there anything I wouldn’t butter?

  10. not a new england thing. my mom ALWAYS heat up things like that and put like a tablespoon or two of butter on it. butter runs the universe in my family.

  11. My dad used to do this with Svenhard’s bear claws/butter horns. He’s never been within throwing distance of New England. In fact, I don’t believe he’s been any further east than Wyoming in his entire life.

  12. butter

    didn’t i tell you?
    my mother’s mother would put butter on cake (after she made the cake with a stick or two of butter)
    she’d make toast for us
    then slathered in peanut butter
    then more butter, in half-melted globs on top
    then covered in sugar.

    i often say “she’d put butter in her coffee” but i don’t know if she really did
    i just know she put butter on everything..

    i put butter on steak sometimes…

    i think the problem with the entemans is the Partially Hydrogenated Oil
    you know, that causes Syndrome X and…
    (blah blah blah)

  13. Re: butter

    Butter on steak is de-lish!

    I don’t think you did tell me, but that was the way I leaned to do it at my house as well: toast something and then load it with butter and peanut butter.

  14. Re: butter

    tonight we made three pizzas for dinner.

    emulating one we had in the Amana Colonies
    my mother and i made canadian bacon and sour kraut.

    then she and my sister made garlic
    half cheese, half black olives
    while i made one more
    i buttered the crust (we made the dough our selves) on both sides!
    then a thick layer of sauce, some cheese
    fresh tomatos (from the garden)
    fresh basil (from the garden)
    polish sausage that we cooked in beer!
    more cheese!

    we drank Fandango wine (ginger wine: very strong) that my sister had brought back from Belieze
    and we all ate til we were sweaty and stuffed


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