Second time…

…trying to post to this journal. And all I can think to say is:

How the fuck does Adam Carolla keep getting work?

The charmless half of every team he’s been part of, he currently has two projects he’s starring in: a ludicrous late night show on Comedy Central and now a new thing on TLC.

I just don’t get it.


  1. i get really uncomfortable watching that show (or not watching, just turning it off). i keep thinking, “this guy, somewhere somehow, has a fan base”. he is so awful, his jokes so uncomfortably bad, and most times the audience doesnt laugh. who does the guy sleep with to keep that gig, let alone get it in the first place??????

    i cannot believe he is on TLC! bah. BAH.

  2. He’s gotta have incriminating photos of someone in power.

    Seems to be an epidemic in the entertainment industry. How else can you explain Colin Quinn or Jeffrey Ross?

  3. He is dreadful – charmfree, difficult on the eyes, terrible comic timing, nails on chalkboard voice, and absolutely unfunny. I’ve never talked to anyone that can stand him. But you are right – he gets work somehow.

    We comment on that every time we see an ad for his show in this house.

    At some point, a very talented, witty, handsome and charismatic comic will die totally unknown to the public, because Mr. Carolla has taken his place in this life. It has to be some kind of bargain with the Devil.

  4. I actually take some comfort in the fact that his ilk gets work.

    Even when I worry that I’m a hack and everyone’s just being nice to me and I don’t *really* have any talent, I think:

    Well, even *he* found work, despite being talent challenged.

  5. Apparently Steve-O agrees with you. Night before last, I was flipping channels and had to linger a while as Steve-O from Jackass/Wildboys was trying to tackle Adam in his chair. Roaring drunk, he broke the glass top of the cocktail table with the heel of his foot. Carolla held it together til they could go to commercial, during which Security escorted Steve-O out.

    I was rooting for Steve-O…

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