1. Friends.

    I recently added you on the recommendation from folks like Jeb and the few other friends. You kept coming up in conversation over dinner. She doesn’t post much, but is a hoot. An evil woodland pixie is she and a total goldilocks.

  2. It would be my pleasure to introduce…

    I added him immediately after reading one response of his that I’d read in
    ‘s journal.
    He doesn’t post a lot but when he does it is a pure joy to behold. His writing takes you, envelops you and makes you want more. Lovely.
    His writing made me want to meet him, which I finally did after a number of attempts to do so. The experience was equally intriguing and fun.

  3. LJers:

    – one of the best writers on LJ (along with , , , and , all of whom you already have).

    – totally delightful eclectic music blog (with mpeg files!) by a French LJer.

    – great outrageous pics which he somehow finds before they’re forwarded and reposted everywhere on the ‘net.

    – who does nasty things to Family Circle and other bad newspaper comics.

    – Talented and funny Photoshop artist and photographer, and an extremely woofy bear himself.

    – I can’t believe you’re not already a friend, as just about everyone on LJ already is. Almost daily photographs so beautiful you’ll get a hard-on or want to move to rural Canada, or both.

    There are very few gay men in my age group on LJ, lately I’ve been seeking them out and reading their journals, two of my favorites are and (I see you already have ).


    – great photos and drawings of octopi

    – snarky comments about some of the more unfortunate postings on bear hook-up sites

    – snarky comments about some of the more unfortunate listings on eBay

    – daily and Sunday Get Fuzzy comic strips

    – weird and funny photos and drawings, sometimes NSFW under the click-thrus

    – very selective reprinting of the very very VERY best writing on LJ, so selective it only has a few posts per week. (‘s work has been selected more than once.)

    – snarky comments by comic book fans too smart for their own good

    – photos of extremely weird things that everybody then guesses what it is. Only about six posts a year, but still worth subscribing to.


    – mcsweeneys.com-like humorous lists. Has a wonky feed, though, so weeks will go buy without any posts, and then you get several at once.

    – everything about illustrators, although with about four posts a day. As an artist, I think you’d really enjoy this one.

    – a design blog by the preeminent graphic designers in the U.S. More about design, but with their scope wide-ranging enough that as a visual artist you really should look in on it, especially for the approximately weekly “Observed” links.

    – as an artist you really should be reading this fascinating blog culled from illustrated antiquarian books.

    – snarky remarks about bad newspaper comics

    – one of the most fascinating and best written special interest blogs out there, this one on all things tattoo.

    – amusing blog by a media critic and satirist

    – as an artist, sensualist, and furniture fetishist you really should be reading this feed.

    – blog by the Brooklyn anti-capitalist, anti-consumerist, anti-copyright, pro-art/artists magazine.

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