Where is Gene Sturdevant?
Where is Ethyl Eichelberger?
Where is Peter Hujar?
Where is Charles Ludlam?
Where is John McCarron?
Where is David Wojnarowicz?
Where is Martin Wong?
Where is Klaus Nomi?
Where is Hibiscus?
Where is Marlon Riggs?
Where is Stuart Sherman?
Where is Sam Dellasandro?
Where is Jack Smith?
Where is Essex Hemphill?
Where is Jono Weiss?
Where is Doris Fish?
Where is Jerome Caja?
Where is Rick Jacobson?

It’s world AIDS day.

What’s the President doing?
What’s the Congress doing?
What’s the Church Doing?
What’s the Govenor Doing?
What’s the Mayor Doing?
What’s the City Council Doing?
What’s the Block Association doing?

What am I doing?


  1. oh nayland, sending you hugs.

    you know, im pretty bitter these days about my brothers condition but it’s mainly because his boyfriend won’t let me see him. it’s a tough day. sending my love. xoxoxo

  2. thanks nayland. yea, i know. his boyfriend used to be so wonderful but is destroying himself by self-medicating on crack and speed. and my brother has no memory and it’s just a surreal nightmare.

    thanks for reminding me of today and the beauty of people who have passed away. xo

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