A couple of things you should know…

…about Lehigh. the beast now sharing my house:

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Although in actuality a two year old female Boston Terrier, she acts like an 80 year old grandpaw: she is the fartiest dog I’ve ever owned. And she snores. while she clearly wants to be with other dogs, she is also easily provoked and will start barking at them. That is the only time she barks, however. She still doesn’t quite know what to make of her new living situation. She loves to burrow next to me on the bed.

And it looks like she’s going to be staying for a while.


  1. A friend of my father’s had a dog like this. Her favorite toy was a 10-lb. bowling ball. They’d roll it around the yard and she’d chase after it; there were chunks taken out around the finger grips from where she tried to retrieve it.

  2. Maybe the dog needs a change in diet. It could be intolerant of something in it’s food. A lot of kibble type dog foods are full of grains which are not a natural part of their diet.

  3. I think shes the one of that pack who nipped my ear at Michelles holliday party last year. She is such a cutie.
    Nothng like being overwhelmed by that dog pack of thiers.
    Give that little scamp a big hug from us 😉

  4. Changing foods helped my dog when she had a bout of bad gas, so it’s probably worth a try.

    She’s adorable. In that harness she’s ready to hit the leather bars.

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