Drooling with Desire…

I have too many DVDs already, but boy do I ever want this: http://www.unseen-cinema.com/

Seven discs of magic.

This is the reason I’m dismissive of much of what passes for “film” today.

Who do I have to promise to be good to in order to get my mitts on these?


  1. Whoa. Now that is delightful!

    I know 3 people here who want that set (including me!). Thing is, I wonder if they offer closed-captioning. Can’t tell from their site or pdf (unless I missed something).

    Not all films on dvd offer it (most, but not all). If so, it would be the most perfect gift for A. Damn.

  2. Oh, that looks great… let’s do a movie festival! (not literally, of course) But, it gives me another idea or two about some things that I might like to develop further as projects for Miami Art Exchange.

  3. I saw this at MoMA when gift shopping, but by then I had already gotten you the oinking pig pocket flashlight, the bacon band-aids, and the gnome-scented car air freshener, so you didn’t get it.

  4. That’s good to know. I’m not familiar with most films, because well…just not. But I’ve slowly been working on expanding this part of my education in the last few years.

  5. Must have. Must have now. I just tossed around a few items on the entertainment budget for January to see if I can swing it. Of course, I do have a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks. I had read about this before, but could not remember who put it out – I ordered the Kino set earlier – but need this as well. Thanks for posting the link.

  6. Yup! All 1187 minutes….

    I’m especially interested in “Picturing a Metropolis” since it might be a boon to an essay I’m writing about NYC windows.

  7. Yeah I know it sucks.
    Even the popcorn tastes different.
    was loking at the list of films in the pacage and rember seeing some at moma when i was little as well as in and around little film places in soho and up at the thalia. There used to be this place next to brunos bakery on west broadway that when I was 8 or 10 (I dont really remember) did the entire flash gordon serial a couple of episodes each weekend.

    Okay now I am jonesing for the old summer scifi festival at the old film forum and the warner bros animation festival at the retro house on 13th

  8. Man that would be a great collection to have or to see! I toyed around with some video pieces back in school. Id’ love to see how the pros did it.

    Now to start counting all the pennies…

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