There are a lot of reasons to hate….

…NPR, but I’ve got to admit they are often my prime source for new music. Check out “Below the Fold” an album by Otis Taylor. Especialy if you think you hate the blues.


  1. Lots of love, peace, joy, good health and best wishes Mr. Nayland! I do like blues… I also heard, for the first time today, Josh Turner (country) who I also happen to like (deep sexy voice). For me, without NPR the remaining broadcast and TV news stinks up to high heaven. So, even though it (NPR) seems to be trying to please a right conservative constituency, better that than anything else out there. If it disappeared do you really think there would be something to replace it?

  2. I’d never want it to go away, hon. And “hate” is glib. I was using it like when you say you hate a sweater that you wear all the time.

    Much love and joy to you too hon. I’ve been glad to read about the good things that have been happening for you this year. Someday I hope to sample your apple cobbler!

  3. I just finished making another two (small) apple cobblers… I’ll take some pics before I dive into them. Promise. And, if you were here, you could sure have some!

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